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Basement and Cellar conversions are now becoming more and more popular within todays market simply due to lack of space to build and the advanced systems on todays market. Essex Damp Proofing have now completed a number of basement conversions over the last few years and with each year we gain more and more enquires about this growing trend.

We have seen a number of systems come and go on the market and the two main systems are Tanking and a type C membrane system.

We at Essex Damp Proofing have personally seen the disadvantage of Tanking systems fail over the years, there is times when tanking is required but generally we mainly install the membrane systems to below ground areas due to the fact that these will give you a damp free basement that will not put excess strange on your building and will let the damp enter the building and be controlled in a manner that will not damage the building or system.

The best part is that this system is cheaper and faster to complete with little chance of anything going wrong. If in the unlikely event that the system gets damaged once works has been complete by possibly drilling a hole in the wall and damaging the membrane this can be fix normally with a day at a very low cost to the client and will not affect the guarantee of system operations.

Tanking however is applied directly to the basement wall forcing back the damp which in turn puts additional positive pressure strain on the building and can damage the building itself and in our experience damp can always find a way in by traveling to another area of the building or a weak spot in the system.

Tanking will also give no thermal resistance the outer walls and will get extremely cold and normally very high levels of condensation will occur on tanked basements which will in turn make your walls and surface plaster damp and smelly.

So give us a call today and our Surveyor will come and visit you to assess your project and this same person will be one carrying out and overseeing the works to your property. Simple work ethics equal great results! Please take a look at our photos and happy customer feedback.

All basement works are fully guaranteed and backed by the manufactures and with all the right insurances in place you can rest assure that we will get your job done right first time!


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