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Essex Damp Proofing not only offer just treatment for rising damp but below are some examples of other forms of damp proofing works that we also treat and services offered.

Essex Damp Proofing offer a professional approach and solution to all your damp issues with a survey from a qualified surveyor which means we can correctly diagnose your damp problems and create the right solution for your damp needs.

Essex Damp Proofing is so sure that we can solve your damp problems first time we offer a full 25 year guarantee on all our work.

As Essex damp proofing have a range of tradesmen employed we can not only treat your damp problems but any areas that may have been affected by damp for example replacing flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, doors etc.


Examples of Damp We Treat

Penetrating Damp

We at Essex Damp Proofing have seen many penetrating damp issues, this is normally at heights of above one meter, in most damp proofing cases rising damp will rise to a maximum of 1 meter in height unless there is something like a half tiled wall preventing the damp escaping at a lower level. Penetrating damp can be treated in a number of ways but the best way is to stop it at source. This usually involves assessing the outer skin of the building to look for defects and causes of concern, guttering, leaking windows etc.


If the penetrating damp is entering the building and it is not rising damp the internal side of the wall can have a membrane applied to it which along with a new damp proof course will cure the issue once and for all. This system is vented by either the subfloor vents or vents installed behind the membrane itself.


Another way is to remove sections of damp plastering works and rebuild using waterproofing materials to stop the damp entering the building.


External treatments are also possible to stop the damp at source but each project really is different and each damp issue must be assessed to provide the correct solution for our clients.


Please feel free to contact us and speak to us about the issues you are experiencing and we will advise you accordingly for free or send a surveyor if it is required and requested which is also free of charge.

Water Proofing Systems

Essex damp proofing offer a variety of water proofing services from basement transformation to wet rooms.


Water proofing is necessary where any part of the building is below ground level so you may even need a small amount completing on a raising damp project.


Each area of water proofing is different and has many underlining factors that affect how the area is treated for example:


Many houses have basements and cellars that were not designed for modern living. They can suffer from rising damp, penetrating damp and even flooding.


Essex Damp Proofing offers a range of waterproofing and tanking systems that can transform a damp basement into a dry habitable living space so please call us today to have a fully guaranteed survey completed on your project.

Flooring Resins

Occasionally within older buildings you may find a concrete floor within your build which is getting damp, this can be due to a damaged or simple lack of a physical membrane to the underside of it. Even if you are sure you have a flooring membrane it can sometimes not have been finished off or tied into the buildings current damp proof course correctly and will ultimately fail.


This can be overcome by applying a two coat epoxy resin system lapped and sealed to create a glass like finish the flooring surface.


We have carried this procedure out at The Spires Private hospital surgery room located and Southend on sea, Greys medical centre and a number of private dwellings.


Please see the photos below for examples of the finished product.




Mould Treatment

Moisture is caused by everyday living from cooking, cleaning, drying clothes and breathing. All of these factors contribute to moisture within the air and cause high humidity levels which will in turn find a dew point and sit on the surface of cold and poor ventilated areas of the home causing surface water to occur which in will cause black mould to grow.


This can be avoided by applying good heating levels to the property and trying to ventilate as much as possible.


In the event that this does not work there is a number of treatments we can offer such as acid wash and specialist chemical repainting of areas prone to mould and fungus which will prevent these areas of mould returning and we also offer positive ventilation units know as PIV units. These operate continuously ventilating fresh air around the home reducing humidity level and preventing mould growth.


Please contact Essex Damp Proofing for further information on both of these treatments.

Timber Treatment

dry_rot Essex damp proofing offer a full range of timber treatment including treatment for wood worm, the timber beetle, dry rot and wet rot.


The three most common forms of timber attack are wet rot, dry rot and beetle attack.


Dry rot is a fungus that attacks dry timbers. In buildings such an attack can be devastating as structural damage often results. Dry rot has the ability to grow through solid walls and behind plasterwork. It is good practice to remove all infected material rather than rely solely on chemical treatment.


Wet rot is a fungal attack on damp or wet timber. Superficial growth may affect surrounding masonry but damage is not usually caused to such material. Timbers most at risk are those that have come into contact with water such as from a leaking roof and timbers that are in a damp environment such as a sub floor area.


Do you have a rot problem? If you have any of these signs of rot contact us today for a free survey.


Mushroom smell? White fungal growth? Cuboidal cracking in the timber? Fungal growth on timber? Damp smell around the home? Soft, cracked wood?

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